Hello (again). I am Renée Grigorian, a friendly, versatile freelance graphic designer based in Chicago. I create smart, modern solutions for print, web and walls. I love to write and design. I am detailed and super organized. I use imaginative and strategic thinking to create compelling content and inspired design that will get you noticed. Here's looking at new!
The Reader's Digest:
I am good at my job. I am extremely curious and enthusiastic. I am aesthetically flexible. I am a very quick study. I love to learn. I have designed for a diverse spectrum of clients, ranging from the U.S. Federal Reserve to nightclubs in Hollywood. I am an excellent researcher. I understand data. I do not make arbitrary decisions. I never do a job just to get it over with. I am calm and dedicated in chaos. I am an adept project manager. I care about your work and mine. I have extensive resources and maintain vast and well-curated archives. I love design that makes good intellectual sense. I am a good writer. I have an edgy eye for interior design. I occasionally suffer from Horror Vacui (look it up!). I am an optimist.
Suffice to say, I am good at seeing through the weeds, identifying the necessary parts and constructing a thoughtful solution. I am detailed, organized, thorough, accurate and resourceful. I am good at long-term vision and building and maintaining brand consistency. I am a designer who is comfortable wearing a lot of hats and who has the good sense to know which ones to wear for which job. I think hard and I work hard and I am a good visual strategist who will never lose sight of your goal.
Meeting new people is great and I am always (sincerely) interested in discovering what makes their eyes shine and their hearts pound. It would be great to learn about you.

Logos • Brochures • Annual Reports • Newsletters • Presentations • Invitations • Promotions/Collateral • Advertisements • Menus • Litigation/Info Graphics • Trade Show Graphics • Interior/Environmental Graphics • Murals • Copywriting • Content Development • Web Design
Some Personal Stuff:
"She" (me) is a very curious person who grew up in Michigan, but who is now a longtime Chicago resident. I graduated from the University of Michigan School of Art in Ann Arbor where I majored in Graphic Design and Contemporary Art History. I began graduate studies in Psychology at the University of Chicago, but the tuition almost killed me so I decided to find a job. It turned out to be a very good decision because it led to a long, unexpected and fascinating stint creating demonstrative evidence for some of the biggest law firms (and most notorious trials) in both Chicago and the U.S. Along the way, I discovered the development of custom courtroom exhibits was a compelling niche specialty that blended design, psychology, sociology, semiotics and drama, a combination which resulted in an education I could have never predicted.
After eight years, I decided to make a major change and establish myself as a freelance graphic designer. Many small business, academic and not-for-profit relationships later, I am fortunate to look back on a big, colorful body of work created for a great cast of colorful clients. Print and web will always be my things, but happily, in the past few years my love for interiors has also been added into the mix with the creation of large-scale immersive digital environments. I really consider these dream projects because they combine three of my biggest passions; graphics, art and interiors. The fact that they often come with the lovely added fringe benefit of a celebratory cocktail party or two, is a glamorous bonus. Mostly though, they allow for wild experimentation with imagery and materials, which is super fun.
I am:
A pop culture junkie
A voracious reader
A (mostly) successful gardener
A zealous advocate for animals
I love:
Interior design
Art fairs
MAC lipstick
Mad Men (R.I.P.)
Manhattans (sweet, 3 cherries)