Au Coin du Feu
Business card concepts for Au Coin du Feu, a Chicago importer of fine antique European fireplaces and accessories. Because the products are luxury, an elegant and refined aesthetic was required in order to convey the granduer of the stately pieces. Restrained typography, rich paper stock and special print effects are employed to achieve a rarefied look and feel. Regretfully, none of these concepts were ever realized in print, however. Just as we entered the final decision-making stages, the client's business was abruptly folded into a larger entity.
Concept One (3"w x 2 1/2"h folded - features a die cut edge whose line is taken from an early 18 C. Louis XIV fireplace, fluorescent varnish and burnished gold and black metallic foil type and accent on heavy smooth stock)
Concept Two (3 1/2"w x 2 3/4"h folded - heavy warm white cotton stock with die cut rectangular holes and embossed interior "bricks" that protrude through the front openings when the irregularly-sized card is closed)
Concept Three (3" square - heavy cotton card stock with a pewter metallic foil edge, pearlized gloss spot varnish with pewter metallic foil type on the front and tarnished pewter metallic duotone on the back)
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