Comcast Spotlight

Shining on Michigan Avenue

Client: CannonDesign via Brassell Design Consultants
Scope: Custom Architectural Artwork
The Chicago offices for Comcast Spotlight, the cable giant's on-air ad sales division, got the white hot star treatment from the global creative talents at CannonDesign when they gave the prestige downtown space a crisp new look. Taking cues from high tech television studios for their aesthetic roadmap, they married the enviable views of the space with a sleek design that transformed the office into a high-gloss black box injected with colorful focal points that pop in vivid RGB.
I was contracted to design custom digital artwork to cover the main wall in the Employee Lounge. Video static turned out to be the perfect inspiration for the non-figurative, colorful installation. To generate the imagery, I captured stills from a stock video that I then sliced, diced and stitched back together. The result is the striped, even, seamless, painterly pattern the client was seeking.
A beautiful, slick and stimulating space, the office won an AIA Design Excellence Award in 2015.
Lounge Wall Elevation with Custom Artwork
(37'2"w x 8'6"h)
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