grafix Swatch Cards

ECO-Friendly Materials Swatch Cards

Client: Thybony Wallcovering & Interiors
Scope: Design, Copywriting, Sourcing, Production
grafix is a line of digitally printable wallcoverings. ECO and WOODgrafix are two earth-friendly substrate options showcased within the brand. Featuring a selection of white grounds and wood veneers, the materials vary in their technical specifications as well as in how imagery takes to their surfaces.
Designed to fit into a 3-ring product binder, these two swatch cards provide essential spec information about each product and feature actual "tipped in" printed product swatches. These swatches are touchable, printed product samples that provide valuable "real feel" information about the materials for easy comparison. I managed all aspects of this project from design and copywriting through sourcing and production of the finished cards.
3-Panel, 2-Sided, Heavyweight Cardstock Trifold
with "Tipped-In" Printed Substrate Swatches
2-Sided, Heavyweight Cardstock Page with "Tipped-In"
Printed and Unprinted Substrate Swatches
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