Hotel Allegro

Art Deco Luxury in the Loop

Client: Simeone Deary Design Group via Brassell Design Consultants & LOOP Studio
Scope: Custom Architectural Artwork
Located in the heart of Chicago's Loop and its bustling Theater District, the Hotel Allegro was given a signature sparkling Simeone Deary starwash when they swooped in to give the boutique hotel a glamorous new interior. Not everything was transformed by the new design, however. The gorgeous original Art Deco bronze elevator doors got to stay. But, because the ornate doors existed only on the main floor lobby, the upper level floors' plain elevators were an aesthetic letdown. I was contracted to create an original illustration to replicate the lobby doors' intricate design so that it could be applied to all of the unadorned elevator doors throughout the rest of the hotel.
I used a combination of photographs and rubbings as reference to aid me in creating the custom artwork that replicated the ornate Art Deco pattern. The final art was digitally printed onto silver metallic architectural film and installed on the upper level guest floors, creating a seamless visual experience throughout the entire venue.
The original Art Deco brass elevator doors
on the Allegro's main floor.
Close-up photo of the ornate antique doors.
My digitally recreated artwork.
Close-up of my graphically illustrated doors.
The upper level floors with the digitally-created
elevator door artwork in situ.
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