Munster OBGYN

Quality women's healthcare.

Client: Munster OBGYN, Inc.
Scope: Logo, Print Collateral, Form Design, Interior & Exterior Signage
Munster OBGYN was a large, high-quality women’s healthcare practice in Northwest Indiana. When the physician who owned the practice bought a classic Mid-Century Modern building to house his and several other medical offices, it was in need of a facelift.
I was brought in to help coordinate the refresh. To start, I designed new exterior signage (both street and building) to present a cleaner, more stylish aesthetic that reflected the era in which the building had been constructed. I chose Futura as the typeface for its modernity and readability and selected sleek industrial finishes for their simplicity and sophistication.
The physician’s own office had been renovated in an elegant, period-appropriate style that sidestepped an overly feminine, stereotypical, pink and peach “ladies” aesthetic. The refined new interior featured glossy gray lacquered cabinetry, sturdy vintage MCM seating, blond wood accents, contemporary art and beautiful dark brown, fantasy-spotted raw granite countertops.
It was the granite from which I drew my inspiration for the practice’s branding. My objective was to personify the physician’s friendly, orderly office in a way that was optimistic and pretty. I wanted it to be relevant to all ages and demographics and to be neither OB nor GYN specific. 
The spots of the granite were the perfect jumping off point for conceptualization, and ultimately led to the final butterfly logo, which is composed of hundreds of dots. Bouncy, lighthearted typography was used to convey a sense of openness and approachability while still remaining professional and legible. The coordinating print collateral, including business cards, letterhead, interior signage and a multitude of high-efficiency interoffice forms all helped to establish a sense of consistency and attention to detail that reinforced the care and mindfulness of the provider and his practice.
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