Retouching & Digital Murals
When a fire destroyed much of this popular Chicago Boystown hangout in early ’09, most of the owner's prized collection of vintage photography was severely smoke and water-damaged. Upon rebuild, I was able to work on some of the restoration and help bring a couple of favorite images back to life in the form of two large-scale digital mural installations. It took some fancy retouching footwork to eradicate the fire's damage, but I am happy to say that these old friends are once again looking out at the crowds in a fully-restored, better-than-ever, Scarlet.
Vintage Drag Queen Mural (7'10"w x 9'11"h)
Vintage Frat Boy Mural (16'11"w x 10'8"h)
Firefighters on the scene, February 27, 2009
The new and improved Scarlet
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