The Nobel

Rooftop Elegance at the St. Jane Hotel

Client: Simeone Deary Design Group via The ARTdept. at LOOP Studio
Scope: Custom Architectural Artwork
Collaborating with the tremendous talent of hotel design powerhouse Simeone Deary is always a tremendous privilege. This time the location was Chicago's iconic Carbide & Carbon building, a 37-story landmark Art Deco skyscraper located on Michigan Avenue in the Loop. Simeone Deary was performing their magic to transfom what was then the Hard Rock Hotel into a dreamy, fairytale-like cloud of blush-hued Jazz Age elegance to be known as the St. Jane. The ARTdept. at LOOP Studio worked with the Simeone Deary team to add an illustrative touch to the Nobel, St. Jane's exclusive rooftop luxury lounge on the hotel's 24th floor.​​​​​​​
Main Bar Fronts
Using the gilded flowers of the French Champagne, Perrier Jouët, as an inspirational jumping off point, the first task was to wrap the two main bar fronts in golden floral decadence. I created romantic custom illustrations that were digitally printed onto gold metallic architectural film that when installed, glinted softly with aged elegance.
The first version of the artwork was too stark.
The final artwork is soft and burnished. (Left & Right bars)
Glass Vitrine Wine Displays
The rounded glass wine displays behind the two main bars are like glittering jewel boxes in the space. Many options for their background imagery were considered. An ethereal 1755 painting by French artist Francois Boucher was the winner. Printed on a beautiful pearlescent architectural film, the bucolic scenery shimmers softly behind the sparkling bottles and glassware.
A few of the many background options presented.
The Finished Space
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